Development setup

On this page I have the notes for setting up a new development environment. This is useful when I have a new installation.

Installing applications

You should install the following applications on something like C:\tools\[application], from now on called [install-location].

  • Slack
  • 7zip
  • Java 8
    • Add env var JAVA_HOME with value [install-location]\jdk8u252-b09 (Path to JAVA Directory)
    • Add %JAVA_HOME%\bin to PATH env var
  • Groovy
    • Unzip to [install-location]\groovy\
    • Add env var GROOVY_HOME with value [install-location]\groovy\groovy-[version]
    • Add %GROOVY_HOME%\bin to your PATH env var
  • Python 2.7.x
    • Add env var PYTHON with value [install-location]\Python27
  • Git bash
  • Maven
    • Download the Binary zip archive unzip in [install-location]\-folder.
    • Add env var MAVEN_HOME with value [install-location]\maven\apache-maven-[version]\(for backwards compatibility)
    • Add env var M2_HOME with value [install-location]\maven\apache-maven-[version]\(path to Maven Directory)
    • Add %M2_HOME%\bin to PATH env var
  • Docker
  • Firefox
  • PGAdmin
  • Jetbrains-toolbox (optional, use this tool to install IntelliJ)
  • Notepad++


Place your SSH-KEYS in the .ssh folder


# generated by Git for Windows
test -f ~/.profile && . ~/.profile
test -f ~/.bashrc && . ~/.bashrc

.dotfiles (.bashrc && .gitconfig)

Setup these using the .dotfiles project


name= [name]
email= [mail]


IntelliJ settings (File->Settings/ctr-alt-s):

  • Appearance & Behavior -> System Settings -> HTTP Proxy: Auto-detect proxy settings (CHECKED)
  • Editor -> General -> Other: Ensure line feed at file end on Safe (ON)
  • Editor -> Code Style -> Scheme -> Configure button -> Import scheme -> IntelliJ code style XML: code-style.xml
  • Tools -> Terminal -> Shell path: "[install-location]\Git\bin\bash.exe" --login -i


After you’ve started Docker, go to the Settings of Docker by right-clicking on the icon in the taskbar:

  • Shared Drives: enable C drive and press apply.
  • Advanced: increase the amount of processors, the memory and the swap memory.